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Party Game Suggestions:


Played to music, all the players move round while the music is playing, when the music stops the players have to stand like statues, anyone who moves is out, start the music again and repeat as many times as you want.

Treasure Hunt

Can be played indoors or out. Can be tailored to a party theme.

Hide different things or objects, the players have to either collect a set number or find a list of things, the first to complete is the winner. Objects can range from pieces of silver foil, chocolate coins, potatoes, pieces of a picture, hats, gloves, socks.

This game can be played individually or in teams of players, but make sure that you have more than enough treasure so everyone can find something. It can be just a fun game or the team to find everything first wins.

Musical Chairs

Line up alternate facing chairs, one less than the number of children playing. The players move round the chairs while the music is playing. When the music stops they have to sit down on a free chair, the player without a chair is out, take away one chair each time, repeat until you have 2 players and 1 chair the one to sit down first is the winner.

Advanced Musical Chairs

This fun variation of musical chairs is set up just like normal musical chairs but with additional fun thrown in. Start the music and have the children walk in a circle around the chairs, until you stop the music. When the music stops, each participant tries to sit in one of the chairs. The player left standing must pull the name of an animal, written on a piece of paper, out of a hat. Then, they must act it out while the other guests try to guess what the animal is. Start the music again and repeat the game until all the animals in the hat have been acted out.

Name That Bug

Pair up your party guests in teams of 2-3 people and put a sticker or a picture of a bug on each child's back. Have the guests try to guess what the bug is by asking questions that can be answered with only "yes" or "no." For example, "Do I have legs?," "Can I fly?" and "Am I Green?" Note: You can use stickers of animals for variety.

Red Light, Green Light

Before the game, lay two lengths of rope, or crepe paper, about 25 feet apart in your play area to make start and finish lines. The birthday child stands in front of the finish line (they're the Police Officer), while the others stand behind the start line. The game begins when the Police Officer turns his/her back on the other players and shouts, "Green Light!" He/she then turns around and counts to five.

While the Police Officer is counting, the other players try to run or walk quickly toward the finish line. When the Police Officer has finished counting to five he/she shouts, "Red Light!" and turns around quickly. The other players must freeze instantly. If the Police Officer catches anyone moving, that player must return to the starting line. Play continues until one of the participants crosses the line while the Police Officer's back is turned. That player then becomes the Police Officer.

Egg and Spoon Race

If you are indoors, you may want to use hard boiled eggs, small potatoes or ping pong balls, if outside you can use regular eggs. You'll need to decide on a starting point and a finish line or a second line for a relay race.

You can be this game with each guest being a contestant or you can play is as a team (as a relay). Place an egg on the spoon, the child must walk from the starting line to the finish line without dropping the egg or ball. The first one to cross the line with the egg still on the spoon wins.

If you play teams, divide the guests into 2 teams. Then split the teams so that half of the team is at the starting point and the other is at the finish line, if needed one child can go twice. To start each team has one spoon and egg/ball, other play from each team starts the race by walking the course (or to where a the finish line is) and giving the spoon to the next team member who goes back to the starting point this continues until all the players have completed the race. The team to complete the process first, wins.

Note: During the relay race, if the egg or ball is dropped then the team member can pick it up but must go back to their starting point. Make more complex by making contestant walk around obstacles.

Balloon Burst

Blow up lots of big sized balloons and before putting a knot in them, push a small wrapped candy inside (small tootsie rolls, individually wrapped lifesavers, dum-dum lollipops work well, or pieces of paper that name prizes). Spread all the balloons around the floor at the party and let guests go wild sitting on them and popping them. Obviously once popped, they can have the treat that's inside. This can be great fun for young children.

Shopping Lists

Each team will have a guy and a girl. Girls should stand on a row. Their partners also stand facing them on another row. Keep a space about 25 feet between (partners) two rows. Give all the boys a piece of paper and a pen or a pencil. Give each girl a shopping list. This list should content about 10 items. (Example : 1 bottle of milk, 2 packets of gelatine, 4 slaps of chocolate, 4 pounds of sugar, etc.) Those lists should different to each other to avoid copying from other person.

At "go" Girls read out the list they have to their partners and the partners should take down the lists according to the correct order they read. The person who write down the list first will be the winner. A very loud and entertaining game.

Pass The Orange (or Ball)

Arrange for teams of about 8 to stand in a line, one behind the other (arranged boy, girl, boy, girl, and so on). Give each team an orange which the first person should tuck under his chin. This should be passed to the person behind. When the orange gets to the last person, they come to the front of the line and start again. The winnnig team is the first one which gets their starting person to the front again.

Who am I?

A great game to get people talking together at the start of the party! As they arrive, each person has a piece of paper pinned to their back. The paper contains the name of a famous person. By asking questions which can only be answered with "Yes" or "No" such as "Am I still alive?", "Am I fictional?", etc. The person has to guess their name. Successful guessers may have another go.


This is a game that requires room and good supervision - the children are blindfolded (or not, if they are young and don't want to be) and they take a stick and try to break a hanging container that has candies and other small goodies in it. (Colorful Band-Aids were popular among the preschoolers here!). To make one, you can do something as simple as decorating a paper grocery bag with paints or crepe paper and then gluing and taping the top shut once the treats are inside. Run a string along the top edge before shutting the bag. You can also make a fancier one using a balloon and paper mache. The fun thing is that these can be decorated to match any theme.

Bozo Circus Game

Requires 6 buckets, (or large bowls or pans) and 1 ping-pong ball. Line the buckets up in single row, going farther away. Players go one at a time, standing behind the line which is behind bucket #1. Tosses the ping-pong ball into first bucket. If player succeeds, he goes again, only tries to throw ball in bucket #2. (all the way to bucket #6). Whoever makes it the farthest, is the winner. Making it to bucket #6 results in winning CASH and a brand new bicycle, (If I remember correctly!) **Feel free to choose a prize you can afford!

Pin the ? on the ?

Traditionally pin the tail on the donkey, this game can be changed to fit any theme. In this game, blindfolded guests try to stick a paper 'tail' onto a poster of a donkey. You can take a piece of poster board and draw anything with something missing - a nose on a clown or animal, the TY heart on a beanie baby, a spaceship in an outer space scene, just to name a few. Just be sure to include an outline of where the object needs to land.

Drop the Clothespin Into a Bottle

This is another one that can be turned into a themed activity simply by using a coffee can with a plastic lid on it as the container to catch the clothespins. Cut a hole into the plastic lid appropriate for the age child. Then decorate the can. Great game for hand/eye coordination!

Make their Own Placemats

This activity could be as complex or simple as you want - children can decorate 3x5 cards or construction paper with a variety of stickers, cut outs (use an old beanie baby magazine for a source of a hundred or more beanie pictures, a pokemon magazine for pokemon), crayons, and colored pencils. Cover the placemats after they're done with clear contact paper, they will last a long time.

Guess How Many

Fill a jar with jellybeans, or anything small. Have children write their name on a small piece of paper and their guess as to how many candies are in the jar. The child who guesses the right number, or comes closest, gets keep the jar of candy home to share with their family.

Birthday Dinner

Players sit in a circle. The first player starts by saying, "At my birthday dinner I like to eat hamburgers". The next player must repeat "At my birthday dinner I like to eat hamburger..." and add another dish. This continues all the way around the circle with each player reciting the dishes in the exact order they have been given and then adding a new one. If a player makes a mistake they slide out of the circle and the game continues. The person left who can perfectly recite the birthday dinner menu wins.

Red Rover

Divide players into two teams. Each team forms a line by holding hands and stretching themselves out. The two teams face each other and should be about 25 feet apart or more. Each side takes turns calling, "Red Rover, Red Rover, send (name) right over." At that signal, the player called, runs from his line and tries to break through the line of his/her opponents. If he breaks through, he can take one opponent back with him to his team. If he does not break through, he joins the other team. The team to add the most players wins.

Simon Says

For character themes replace "Simon" with a character from the theme. Children should listen carefully and only do what "Simon" says. Otherwise they are out. Last one still in game wins!

Twenty Questions

One player is "It" and leaves the group while the other players choose an object in the room. "It" returns and tries to guess the object. He can ask 20 questions of the group members, all of which must be answered by yes or no. He asks his questions of each person in turn so that all are asked at least one question. If "It" guesses the object, someone else becomes "It"; otherwise he is "It" again for the next game.

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