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~ Jenna (3/94) & Alex (2/99) ~
pride and joy of Sandie (aka:  Sandie68)

Jenna just turned 9. She is a very busy girl. She belongs to a Brownie Troop, attends after school programs, belongs to a competitive dance company and is an alter server. She is also a fabulous student.

Alex was 4 last month. He is my wild child! There is nothing he won't climb or jump off of. He is running at full speed from the minute his feet hit the floor in the morning until I CATCH him at bedtime. He attends pre-school 2 mornings a week. His teachers always have a funny little story about something he said or did to share with me at Pick-up time. I hope his high school teachers find him as amusing down the road. Somehow... I have a feeling they won't find him so funny!!!

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