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Know someone special? Why not choose a card below and print it out for them?! Below, you will find a variety of cards ready to be printed and delivered. (you may want to be sure you sign the inside of the card, tho!)

I'll bet that Mom, Dad, grandparents, sister, brother, teacher or friend would just love getting a card from you! Remember:  "It's nice to be nice."   Go ahead and make someone's day special!

  • Choose card
  • Right-Click on card
  • "Save Target As"
  • Print the file you just saved
  • Fold card accordingly (in half, longways *color on outside*) then fold again, so that PHP logo is on back.
  • Sign inside of card
  • Deliver with a smile! :-)

Dora the Explorer Bday
Blues Clues Bday
Spiderman Bday
Spongebob Bday
Powerpuff Girls Bday
Veggietales Bday
St. Patrick's Day
Mother's Day
Father's Day
New Baby 1
New Baby 2

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